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Philippines Man

“I’m amazed at the low cost of servicing my Isuzu NPR compared to my previous truck, the International.

Having over 200,000 miles, it’s still performing well and gets better MPG. I regret not switching sooner.”

Matthew Stuart / Philippines
African Man

“Our manufacturing company needed an extra trailer to move our products from the factory to the nearby warehouse. We opted for the Isuzu F Series FVM 34W model due to its ample storage capacity and it met our expectations. With its ability to accommodate a day’s worth of production, we no longer need multiple trips to the warehouse. The safety features were standard, suitable for secure all-night highway journeys. The Isuzu F Series is a great choice for those in need of a trailer with ample cargo space.”

Juma Putsoa / Lesotho

“Isuzu exceeded expectations, they even installed a trailer making our operations more efficient with just one truck instead of two.

The Isuzu Giga proves to be cost-effective and easier to operate than other trucks in its class. We rely on it heavily, and it consistently performs without any issues.”

Gustavo Manuel / Mexico