The Isuzu ELF is a light-duty commercial truck produced by Isuzu Motors Limited, a Japanese manufacturer of commercial vehicles and diesel engines. The ELF, which stands for "Isuzu Light Forward", is available in a variety of configurations, including a flatbed truck, a box truck, a refrigerated truck, and a dump truck.

The Isuzu ELF truck is known for its fuel efficiency and low cost of ownership. It is powered by a diesel engine, which delivers excellent power and torque while keeping fuel consumption low. The ELF also features a durable and reliable chassis, as well as a spacious and comfortable cab for the driver.

Isuzu ELF is widely used in many countries as a delivery truck or cargo van, it's also popular among small businesses and contractors as it's affordable and reliable. Isuzu ELF is also well known for its low emission and high fuel efficiency, which makes it a great choice for urban delivery and transportation.