Introducing the New Qingling ISUZU EVM100 Electric Light-Duty Truck

Introducing the New Qingling ISUZU EVM100 Electric Light-Duty Truck

Suzhou, China (April 17, 2024) – Qingling Motors Co., Ltd. ushered in a new era of sustainable urban transportation with the grand launch of the Qingling ISUZU EVM100 electric light-duty truck. Held under the theme “Pioneering the Future with Premium Electric Vehicles,” the event in Suzhou attracted over 100 prominent figures, including industry leaders, logistics company representatives, and media personnel, all eager to witness the global debut of this groundbreaking electric truck.

ISUZU EVM100 Electric Light-Duty Truck Team

A Resounding Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

The launch ceremony commenced with a captivating speech by Mr. Zheng Gang, Director of the New Energy Department at Qingling Motors. Mr. Zheng underscored the company’s unwavering commitment to its core philosophy – “providing world-class commercial vehicles to more users” – with a particular emphasis on sustainable development initiatives. He highlighted the ever-growing demand for high-performance electric light-duty trucks, especially in the realm of urban distribution transportation. Mr. Zheng firmly believed that the EVM100, with its cutting-edge features and superior performance, would become a highly sought-after vehicle among truck users across China.

Introducing the EVM100: Redefining Electric Light-Duty Trucks

Following Mr. Zheng’s address, Mr. Yi Bo, Manager of the East China Center of the New Energy Department, took center stage to deliver a detailed presentation on the EVM100’s revolutionary features, each meticulously designed to redefine the electric light-duty truck landscape:

  • Next-Generation Modular Chassis: At the heart of the EVM100 lies a unique modular and universal chassis platform architecture. This innovative design leverages the power of modularization, allowing for future adaptation and customization to cater to a wide range of applications. This versatility positions the EVM100 as a future-proof workhorse, adaptable to diverse needs and evolving scenarios, including retrofit operations.

  • Pioneering Distributed Electronic and Electrical Architecture: The EVM100 boasts a groundbreaking distributed electronic and electrical architecture that represents a significant leap forward in vehicle intelligence. This cutting-edge system facilitates real-time vehicle-machine interaction, offering drivers valuable insights and operational control. Furthermore, it enables remote diagnostics and remote services, ensuring optimal performance, minimizing downtime, and providing peace of mind for fleet managers and operators.

  • Unmatched High-Efficiency Electric Drive: Propelling the EVM100 to new heights of performance is a revolutionary new high-efficiency electric drive system. This system features a world-first dual-stage reducer, a flat-wire motor, and a SiC controller. This innovative combination delivers exceptional power output, maximizes transmission efficiency, and empowers drivers with the flexibility of choosing from various driving modes – urban, economical, and climbing – to optimize performance based on specific needs and road conditions.

  • A Driver-Centric Experience Redefined: The EVM100 prioritizes not only technological innovation but also driver comfort and ergonomics. The spacious, low-floor design cabin provides ample legroom and headroom, fostering a fatigue-free driving experience. Furthermore, user-friendly elements abound, including connecting main and co-driver seats for enhanced communication and collaboration, ergonomic seats that provide exceptional back support, a multi-function steering wheel for effortless control, and an intelligent central control screen that serves as the information hub of the vehicle. This combination of thoughtful design elements creates a comfortable, technologically advanced driving environment that sets a new standard for electric light-duty trucks.

Qingling ISUZU EVM100 Electric Light Duty Truck

Technological Prowess Meets User Experience

The Qingling ISUZU EVM100 goes beyond simply offering advanced features. It represents a paradigm shift in the electric light-duty truck industry by prioritizing user experience. The EVM100 surpasses expectations by offering a significantly upgraded driving and riding environment, setting a new benchmark for intelligent features and driver comfort within the industry.

SUZU EVM100 Electric Light-Duty Truck

Unparalleled Battery Performance for Uninterrupted Operations

Powering the EVM100 are next-generation Ningde Times battery packs, available in three capacities: 77kWh, 86kWh, and 100kWh. These high-efficiency single-cell batteries boast an impressive energy density exceeding 159Wh/kg and a remarkable lifespan exceeding 4,000 cycles. This translates to exceptional range and extended operational capability, minimizing downtime for frequent recharging. Additionally, Qingling demonstrates its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability by offering an 8-year or 400,000-kilometer warranty on the three-electric system (battery, motor, electronic control), ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind for owners.

**A Legacy of Quality Continues: Qingling Paves

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