What is a Garbage Truck? A Detailed Look at the ISUZU FTR Waste Compactor Truck

ISUZU FTR Waste Compactor Truck Side

Garbage trucks are essential vehicles for waste management, designed to collect and transport waste to treatment or disposal sites. They come in various types and configurations to handle different waste collection needs. One prominent example is the ISUZU FTR Waste Compactor Truck, which is known for its efficiency, durability, and advanced features. Types of Garbage […]

Is ISUZU Chinese or Japanese? A Detailed Look

Qingling ISUZU

When it comes to automotive brands, one question that often arises is the origin of ISUZU. Despite the global reach of ISUZU vehicles, there remains some confusion about whether ISUZU is a Chinese or Japanese company. This article will clear up any misconceptions and provide a clear answer, while also highlighting the various offerings available […]

ISUZU Unveils the Revolutionary Seventh-Generation N-Series Light Truck: A New Era in Commercial Vehicles

New Look Revolutionary Seventh-Generation N-Series Light Truck

Since its inception in 1959, ISUZU has sold over 7.6 million units of the N-Series light trucks across 146 countries and regions, underscoring its significant global influence. In 2006, ISUZU launched the sixth-generation ELF light trucks, which were later introduced to domestic markets through joint ventures like Qingling ISUZU. This generation of vehicles has had […]

Introducing the New Qingling ISUZU EVM100 Electric Light-Duty Truck

Introducing the New Qingling ISUZU EVM100 Electric Light-Duty Truck

Suzhou, China (April 17, 2024) – Qingling Motors Co., Ltd. ushered in a new era of sustainable urban transportation with the grand launch of the Qingling ISUZU EVM100 electric light-duty truck. Held under the theme “Pioneering the Future with Premium Electric Vehicles,” the event in Suzhou attracted over 100 prominent figures, including industry leaders, logistics […]

Discover the Power of the New ISUZU ELF M100


Isuzu, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the light-duty truck market, has established itself as a global leader since its inception in the early 1980s. Its presence in China, through Qingling Isuzu, has been instrumental in shaping the nation’s commercial vehicle landscape. While some might perceive a maturing brand as potentially stagnant, Qingling […]

ISUZU Water Tank Trucks: Common Issues and Fixes

ISUZU Water Tank Truck

In the realm of commercial vehicles, ISUZU has established itself as a reliable and robust brand, known for producing durable trucks tailored to meet diverse industrial needs. Among its versatile lineup, ISUZU water tank trucks play a vital role in various sectors, including construction, agriculture, and municipal services. However, like any mechanical system, these specialized […]

Maximizing Efficiency: ISUZU Sweeper Truck Usage

ISUZU Sweeper Truck (9)

In the realm of urban planning and municipal services, the efficient management of public spaces is paramount. Streets and public areas demand constant attention to maintain cleanliness and functionality. One integral player in this pursuit of cleanliness and order is the humble sweeper truck. Among the various options available, ISUZU Sweeper Trucks stand out for […]

ISUZU Crane Trucks: Essential Maintenance Tips

ISUZU 16m 4X2 Articulated Boom Bucket Lift Truck

In the dynamic world of logistics and transportation, crane trucks play a pivotal role in facilitating the seamless movement of goods and materials. Among the notable names in the industry, ISUZU stands out for its reliable and robust crane trucks. These vehicles, equipped with powerful cranes, are indispensable assets for businesses involved in construction, manufacturing, […]

ISUZU Refrigerated Trucks: Keeping Cargo Cool and Safe

ISUZU 4x2 Fridge Truck Refrigerated Truck (2)

In the dynamic world of transportation and logistics, the demand for reliable and efficient refrigerated trucks has never been higher. As industries expand globally, the need to transport temperature-sensitive cargo, such as perishable goods and pharmaceuticals, has become increasingly critical. In meeting this demand, ISUZU has emerged as a frontrunner with its cutting-edge refrigerated trucks […]

ISUZU Sewer Trucks: Operational Tips and Tricks

11CBM ISUZU Sewer Jetting Truck

Sewer maintenance is a critical aspect of urban infrastructure, and the efficiency of sewer trucks plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of waste management systems. Among the many brands in the market, ISUZU has emerged as a reliable choice for sewer trucks, renowned for their durability and performance. In this article, we […]