Qingling ISUZU’s 2023 ELF Light Truck Family Exhibition Launched in Dragon City Changzhou

ISUZU ELF Light Truck Exhibition

On April 22, 2023, Qingling ISUZU‘s 2023 ELF light truck family was launched in Huanxin, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Relying on the product advantages of “Intelligence, efficiency, and versatility”, the 2023 ELF light truck family will further lead the new blue license plate high-end light truck market, lead the urban logistics industry with ultra-high performance, and empower every van truck friend.

ISUZU ELF Light Truck Collection

1. Intelligent, Efficient, and Reliable, Favored by Users

Changzhou, also known as Dragon City, is one of the central cities in the Yangtze River Delta approved by the State Council, an advanced manufacturing base and a famous cultural and tourist city, and an important city in the Shanghai metropolitan area and the Suxi-Changzhou metropolitan area. Since ancient times, Changzhou has been known as “the important auxiliary of Zhongwu and the famous capital of eight cities”. Today, Changzhou is a well-developed capital of smart manufacturing, a livable city, and a state of constant joy. Its logistics industry is thriving. Soaring cargo planes, shuttle fleets, and rolling traffic witness the prosperity of Changzhou. Intelligent, efficient, comfortable, and reliable Qingling ISUZU trucks have always been favored by users in Changzhou.

ISUZU ELF Light Truck Cab

2. Fully Upgraded and Refreshed Driving Experience to a New Height

The 2023 ELF light truck family has achieved all-around upgrades in appearance, comfort, fashion, energy saving, power, carrying capacity, technology, and intelligence, allowing users to start a quality journey from the moment they step into the cab.

In terms of the interior, ELF light truck fully demonstrates the trend of technology and comfort. ELF light truck is equipped with a 13-inch MP5 central control large screen with domestic leading design, high-definition full LCD instrumentation, 5G Internet of Vehicles, and a micro-surround cockpit. In terms of power, the 2023 ELF light truck is equipped with an ISUZU 4KK1 engine and an ISUZU MSB/MYY gearbox. The ISUZU gold power chain is highly efficient and fuel-efficient, and the transmission efficiency can reach more than 98%. Fuel consumption is reduced by 2L per 100 kilometers under comprehensive working conditions, and operating costs are lower.

The ISUZU truck has undergone rigorous three-high tests, 300,000 verified mileage, 600,000 kilometers without major repairs, verified by 1.2 million global light truck users, and the reliability of the attendance rate is much higher than the industry standard.

ISUZU ELF Light Truck

3. The Full-scenario Trucks Lineup Meets the Individual Needs of Users

The 2023 ELF light truck family includes 3 models: 100P, M100, and KV100, covering a rich truck lineup of narrow, medium, and wide series with multiple platforms, multiple specifications, and all scenarios. ELF light truck can fully customize chassis, wheelbase, body size, and different specifications and specifications. Containers made of high-quality materials can effectively meet the individual needs of high-end users in various industries such as urban distribution in Asia, express delivery, supermarket chains, cold chain logistics, medicine and health, electronic chemicals, municipal sanitation, and high-value-added refitting.

ISUZU ELF Light Truck KV100

As a leader in the light truck industry, Qingling ISUZU has been keeping up with the needs of users, improving product quality comprehensively, and fermenting the brand charm continuously of high-end, high-quality, and technological intelligence. The successful launch of the 2023 ELF light truck in Changzhou will definitely add color to Changzhou’s construction of a modern logistics center in the Yangtze River Delta, inject new impetus into local economic development, and bring more valuable solutions to logistics and transportation for the majority of users.

ISUZU ELF Light Truck Exhibition Show

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