Exterior Dimensions 7025×2270×3300(mm)
Box Dimensions 5020×2100×2100(mm)
Gross Vehicle Weight 8280(Kg)
Curb Weight 4000(Kg)
Allowed Load 4085(Kg)
Refrigeration Range Minus 5 degrees to minus 18 degrees Celsius
Refrigeration Unit Cold King KV500
Optional Units Jingda K, HanYa, Hansnow, Huatai, Songhan, Kaisnow, American Carrier, American Cold King, and others
Box Configuration Interior and exterior made of the latest nano fiberglass material, 8cm thick insulation, rust-resistant WISCO high-quality light steel profiles for the inner frame, polyurethane foam insulation, aluminum alloy checkered plate or optional nano fiberglass for the bottom, galvanized stainless steel corners, thickened aluminum alloy edging, stainless steel rear door frame, thickened stainless steel rear door hinges and locks, LED interior lighting, and width indication lights inside the box
Ventilation System Optional T-shaped ventilation slots, bottom plate ventilation slots, ventilation partitions around the interior of the box
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