Section Six Sections
Main material Special high-strength shaped pipe
Telescopic mechanism Winch+ imported high flexible steel wire rope and pulley block to achieve synchronous telescopic
Operation curve See chart
Ladder operation model Footswitch + handle step-less control; electronic control forced operation; manual forced operation
Turntable Water, electricity, and hydraulic integrated central rotary device, any 360 continuous rotation
Type H-Type, Automatic leveling + Manual leveling
Horizontal Span 5200±50mm
Outrigger operation mode Automatic unfolding; Electronic control + manual; Manual forced
Slide cage
Overview Frame folding structure, aluminum alloy door, folding in the upper part of the ladder when driving
Driving type Hydraulic motor-driven winch, Drive the wire rope through the pulley block
Max speed of slide cage lifting ≥0.8m/s
Slide cage-rated capacity 180kg
Slide cage working at a variable Angle 50°~75°
Platform area ≥0.8m2
Slide cage brake Mechanical friction brake
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